Lay Flat Polythene Tubing – Black 400 Gauge, 24″ Wide

Lay Flat Polythene Tubing – Black 400 Gauge, 24″ Wide


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Lay Flat Polythene Tubing is a versatile packaging material used throughout numerous industries for a host of applications. Sold as one continuous polythene tube wound onto a roll, polythene layflat tubing is available in a selection of widths and gauges, each suitable for sealing with either a heat sealer, ties, staples or tape.

Clear Medium Duty

250 gauge / 62.5 micron polythene tubing is widely used in warehouses and packing departments to produce custom sized plastic bags. Simply cut to length, seal at one end and your poly bag is ready for use. Medium duty Lay Flat Tubing is best suited to lighter weight use, for example to create custom sizes polythene bags for clothing, linens, posters and stationary.

Black Heavy Duty

400 gauge / 100 micron Lay Flat tubing is the polythene tubing to choose when a higher puncture resistance is required. Widely used for packing carpets and rugs, heavy duty lay flat tubing can be used to create custom sized poly bags to protect awkward shaped and heavy items from dust, dirt and moisture.

  • Polythene tubing wound onto a roll for continuous use
  • Allows you to tailor-make bags to any size
  • We have in stock 250gauge/62.5micron Clear Tubing and Black 400gauge/100micron
  • Protects items from dirt, dust and moisture and offers great tear resistance
  • Easy to use, simply slide over your item, trim and seal

Lay Flat Tubing can be cut to any length to make custom sized bags. Simply slide the tubing over your item, cut to desired length and seal both ends.


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